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When Would You Use Telepathy?

Let’s say you had a choice all the time whether or not to speak or use telepathy. Obviously if you are communicating at a distance, telepathy is the only choice. Remember, cellphones and internet are obsolete in the world of

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Spiritual Themes in Gaia’s Web

On 3/27 at the Cosmic Spiral reading there was an interesting discussion of spirituality in Gaia’s Web. The passages I chose to read focused primarily on that theme. So what are the religious and spiritual threads woven into Gaia’s Web?

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Stealth Spirituality

How do you get a geek interested in spirituality and religion? Just give him an SF novel featurning some supersmart brain and computer scientists with deep spiritual convictions who are able to prevent environmental collapse by designing a computer program

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Reflections on the CWC Reading

Last night’s reading at the Community Writing Center in Salt Lake City led to a stimulating discussion on many issues confronted by writers of long fiction such as keeping the action going rather than interrupting it with long passages of

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Life after Computers

We are so wedded as a culture now to computers and digital devices of all sorts that it seems virtually impossible for most people to imagine a life without them. Perhaps it is easier for me because I belong to

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Weird Day

I notice some days like today I feel wiped out. Strange sensations pass through my body. No, it’s not the flu. I seem to be experiencing an energy upshift, a kind of resetting of my bodymind, similar to activating new

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Another Event for You

The Cosmic Spiral presents Author Steve Proskauer Gaia’s Web: Reading, Discussion and Book Signing Spiritual Themes in a Visionary Science Fiction Novel Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 7 pm 920 East 900 South Salt Lake City, UT 84105 Admission Free

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Come to This Event

The Community Writing Center presents Author Steve Proskauer Gaia’s Web: Reading, Discussion and Book Signing The Crafting of a Novel with CWC’s Help Monday, March 18, 2013 at 6 pm SLCC Community Writing Center Library Square 210 East 400 South,

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Man and Computer

A recently posted review of Gaia’s Web on Amazon included a provocative sentence near the end: “In Gaia’s Web with the aid of artificial intelligence people can potentially, for the first time, be guarded as one unit. It is a

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Winter Thoughts

It’s still frigid here in Salt Lake City. It’s 8 degrees and we have 15 inches of frozen crusty and slowly browning old snow choking up everything. We’d all be better off if we were hibernating bears. They crawl into

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