When Would You Use Telepathy?

Let’s say you had a choice all the time whether or not to speak or use telepathy. Obviously if you are communicating at a distance, telepathy is the only choice. Remember, cellphones and internet are obsolete in the world of Gaia’s Web. But what about conventional conversations and meetings? What then? In a public place telepathy could be more private but in some ways the personal qualities of speech might be more intimate. Then again, maybe if you know the person well, the intonations of their speech might carry over into telepathic communication. Perhaps most people would use a moment-to-moment blend of telepathy and speech, like a bilingual family switches from one language to another in midstream sometimes. And speaking of languages, does telepathy communicate meaning or specific words (language dependent) or general meanings (language independent)? Let’s hear your ideas and mayb some of them might turn up in the sequel.

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