Image of the back cover background from Gaia's Web

If you enjoy science fiction aimed at a noble cause, you’ll love Steve Proskauer’s ‘Gaia’s Web’.

‘Gaia’s Web’ is a fast-reading, enjoyable, and entertaining work about four scientists with complementary technical expertise. The four take it upon themselves to save the earth from inevitable destruction resulting from the effects of global warming, air pollution, earthquakes, …

The novel sci-fi techniques they invent, while incredible, yet are adequately explained to the point of near credibility.

The author deftly weaves his tale alternating between progress in the experimental design, social interactions among the 4 scientists, and the lives of outside groups, including: the US President and his cabinet; a central-Asia country ruled by a cruel tyrant; a separatist religious sect dominated by a polygamous ruler; and a Wall-Street stockbroker disenchanted with his home- and work-life.

Character development is excellent; and provides a realistic backdrop to complement the details of the sci-fi processes leading to the accomplishment of the desired results.

Dr. Jack Cohen


The cover of this book is a stroke of brilliance, drawing you in like a homesick astronaut to its vibrating, burning nodes of light, dappling Earth’s aqua and royal blue glowing surface.

I am still mining this book—-my habit is to open a book, read several pages, and repeat this again and again, letting the accidental rhythm of combinations of words, situations, and characters dress me properly in my explorer’s suit.

Thus far I have encountered:

“Gaia is the intelligence that modifies the magnetic field embracing the entire Earth. This magnetic field is generated, as you know, by the rotation of the molten iron and nickel sphere at Earth’s core, which is a living being. Were it not for the mistaken assumption that inorganic elements cannot develop a capacity to think and feel, even young children would know about Gaia. They would be taught in elementary science that the Earth has a mind of its own, a very powerful mind….”

“…even if we built a computer ten times as powerful as the human brain, how would we know how to program it for creativity and consciousness?”

“A computer capable of creative problem solving in highly complex situations involving thousands of variables would be just what we need to resolve the rapidly worsening environmental crisis. Mankind has amply demonstrated its inability to cope with the many issues involved. Strong artificial intelligence may be our last hope.”

And so is set the chess game of this book. Proskauer becomes a citizen-king of our world now, imploring us all as a world to rise above all of our nations’ many-varied, selfish, and slow-moving politics, to set the future history of the Earth and preserve us—as one unit, Earth–well.

Another gem:

“Haven’t you read my theory, Isaac? I use complex equations based on chaos theory, not some simple random number generator! Chaotic behavior may bear a superficial resemblance to randomness but there’s a crucial difference. When chaotic equations are plotted, the points aren’t just scattered around aimlessly–they fall into complex orbits, like the path of satellites around planets–or the patterns of creative thinking.”

In Gaia’s Web with the aid of artificial intelligence people can potentially, for the first time, be guarded as one unit. It is a brave new world, in which the computers we have built can become either the ultimate world’s servant or ultimate world’s parent. (Think carefully before you take these moves.)

The cover illustration (the sight for homesick astronauts) exemplifies these ideas: showing an Earth guarded angelically by light and magnetic force, our human care, and our beloved master child, the computer.

Goneril (Amazon Reviewer)

I enjoyed my chance to read Dr. Proskauer’s work. At first I was worried that some of the characters seemed a bit plastic and some of the side stories were a little off putting, but as the story developed I realized it was important to see through all of the eyes that the author put together. The main thing that sets this book apart is the heart and vision behind it. I think his thoughts radiate through the thoughts of all people that are sensitive to our terrible plight and are spiritual by nature. It’s a beautiful fantasy that can almost be called prophecy in its attempt to create an understandable solution to the world’s problems through a surprising way. I definitely enjoyed it and recommend it.

Mike (Amazon Reviewer)

Here is a wonderful read, a great science fiction narrative which although it plays upon science itself, never loses focus of its human elements. Indeed these elements are the driving force behind this book, and to me were the most interesting and compelling draws within the book. Indeed this attention to humanity and their own psyche is often gloss over in the genre, or more likely lost amid the machinery, and thus I found this book to be refreshing. If you are looking for a good tale, one that will challenge you with some questions which you will doubtless carry for weeks or months after the last page, have found traditional science fiction tales dull to your senses, or even are looking for a spiritual entry into the world of science fiction, I would heartily recommend this book.

A. Nikki Inkcraft