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Image of front cover of Big Heart HealingBIG HEART HEALING: A Multidimensional Approach to Trauma and Abuse by Integrative Psychiatrist Stephen Proskauer MD

This book is built around a full-length case history of integrative healing with Ken, a patient who suffered from severe PTSD symptoms after surviving unimaginably cruel physical, emotional and sexual abuse from earliest childhood. It is a study both of psychiatric and psychological methods of treating the inner anxiety, distortion and fragmentation that follows abuse and also of spiritual healings that promote harmony, wholeness, integration and fulfillment.

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Image of front cover of Karmic TherapyKarmic Therapy: Healing the Split Psyche by Stephen Proskauer M.D.

This engrossing book sums up three decades of Dr. Proskauer’s work relieving symptoms and disabling behavior patterns. It’s all done through:

  • Deep exploration of past lifetimes,
  • Memories from the prenatal period and birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood,
  • Revelation of the karmic cycleas well as through fascinating and illuminating glimpses of conception and consciousness between lifetimes.

Surprisingly, with the help of a skilled guide these experiences are readily available to almost anyone without hypnosis, even you!

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